Images from the solo exhibition REVEAL at Collect OPEN, Saatchi Gallery, London, 2019 are now viewable in the Gallery section of the website.

The new architectural scale mosaics and sculptural objects explore a highly personal response to place (both imagined and physical). My current work, inspired by Italo Calvino’s ‘Invisible Cities’, makes visible hidden glimpses of the environments we inhabit.

The detailed, minimalist aesthetic references Carlo Scarpa’s architecture and Byzantine mosaics. Through the juxtaposition of ordinary and precious materials, and the slow, rhythmic mosaic-making process, a charge is created between the jewel-like qualities of hand-cut gold leaf glass smalti and the industrial physicality of cast concrete.

The exhibition was supported by Creative Scotland, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and Orsoni Veneziana 1888.

Orsoni, in the constant research for new excellence, has the ability to move around art and design. The ambition to transport art into everyday life translates into contemporary works of expression, just like the unique masterpieces of the mosaicist and artist Joanna Kessel.

Photographs by Sylvain Deleau.