15 minutes with

Thursday 26 January | 4pm. 

Join me in conversation with Rachel Davies, Chair of the British Association for Modern Mosaic, as part of her live Instagram sessions “15 minutes with…”. We’ll be discussing my recent research into filato micro-mosaics as part of the Inches Carr Creative Development Award 2022.

The award enabled me to study with two specialist mentors, Andrea Spencer (flamework and pulling glass filati) and Andrea Walsh (mould making and casting). Research took me to Northern Ireland, Ravenna and back to Edinburgh and East Lothian. It has been a fascinating and informative period that has enabled me to delve deeply into new techniques and concepts. The research has enabled me to make a shift in scale from the architectural work shown at Collect Open in 2019 to a more intimate, human, hand held scale. It also facilitated a shift in my gaze from urban environments to nature and our natural surroundings. As this period of research comes to a close new work begins to emerge…

The discussion will be recorded and can be listened to at a later date. Join us on Instagram via @joannakessel or @racheldaviesmosaic