I was commissioned to create the mosaic artwork Flow as a welcome feature to the new Cornhill Macmillan Centre at Perth Royal Infirmary.

Flow was designed as a site-specific artwork inspired by the natural surroundings of Perth and Kinross. The flowing form references the path of the river and wind blown leaves, acting as a metaphor for the meandering journey we make through life. The individual shapes reflect organic forms and river worn pebbles and the colours loosely reflect the changing seasons. The plant motifs have either historic or contemporary significance and relate to locally distinct plants;

  • Wild Burnet Rose from Kinnoull Hill, developed by the local rose nursery of Dickson & Brown in Perth in the 1800’s
  • Douglas Fir, named after the famous Perthshire plant hunter David Douglas
  • Ancient woodlands of oak, ash, birch and Scot’s pine
  • Alpine Gentian, the rare botanical gem found in rocky outcrops on Ben Lawers which is also the county flower of Perth
  • Expansive reed beds of the Tay
  • Juniper woods of Balnaguard Glen
  • Sow-thistle, another rare local mountain plant

The artwork was commissioned and managed by Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust, on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support and NHS Tayside, in consultation with the Arts Sub Group and Aitken Turnbull Architects. Thanks are due to Catherine Lloyd, Tayside Biodiversity Partnership and Mark Simmons, Principle Officer for Natural History at Perth Museum & Gallery for their invaluable input during the research period.

Images Top: Commission for Macmillan Care Centre, Perth Royal Infirmary,